Filming & Documentaries

Hoedspruit Reptile Centre has extensive experience working with the film and television industry on reptile documentaries and TV shows. The Centre offers specialized services for the movie and filming industry giving you the opportunity to document wildlife in natural or artificial set ups. The Centre has worked with many prominent film companies and presenters from around the world and is well-known for providing a high-quality service. All projects are managed ethically, and strict health and safety standards are followed and adhered to. The health and welfare of our animals as well as your safety are our priorities.

Hoedspruit Reptile Centre can also provide stock footage of unique events that can be more difficult to acquire as a result of time constraints, seasonality etc. The Centre provides a variety of services including set design, location scouting, script and story line verification etc in order to allow you to get that perfect shot with experienced and capable handlers.

Please contact us for your film and documentary needs.