Hoedspruit Reptile Centre’s ethos is “conservation through education and research”. As a result, the Centre actively participates in numerous research programmes both in situ and ex situ. The Centre provides an invaluable base for research on indigenous species as well as researchers the opportunity to conduct their research in a safe and controlled environment for the animals and themselves.

Academics, researchers and students are encouraged to contact us if they are interested in the assistance offered by Hoedspruit Reptile Centre.

Students doing research at the Centre will adhere to the requirements set out to them by their academic institution. The Centre can act as a mentor on behalf of an academic institution, providing handling, animal husbandry and research support to established undergraduate and postgraduate projects.

Academics wishing to house animals at the Centre can have the opportunity to use our dedicated research facility where environmental conditions can be controlled as desired and the safety and wellbeing of your animals is ensured.

Researchers needing assistance in the field can also approach Hoedspruit Reptile Centre. A dedicated staff member or team can be made available to help with projects away from the Centre if required.

For further information on how Hoedspruit Reptile Centre can help you achieve your research goals please contact us.


Please note that Hoedspruit Reptile Centre will only assist and partake in accredited and ethically approved projects.